Caïxa Forum
Informations pratiques :

  • Exposition permanente.
  • Lieu : CaixaForum – Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8 – 08038 Barcelona.
  • Ouvert : Lundi -> Dimanche : 10h – 20h.
  • Entrée gratuite.
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Extrait :

This tour brings the opportunity of exploring every facet of this fine example of Art-Nouveau industrial architecture. The secrets harboured in the one-time factory, and the remarkable change now brought about in it, throw light on many aspects of the history of Barcelona, and also on the shifts that marked the path of architecture over the last century. The tour also spotlights the artistic works by Sol LeWitt and Lucio Fontana, that give a unique slant to the most modern part of the building while establishing a dialogue with the existing architecture…