Boris Tellegen aka Delta
Informations pratiques :

  • Exhibition: 21.01 – 20.02.16.
  • Opening: January 21th at 6p.m.
  • Location : Alice Gallery, 4 rue du pays de Liège, 1000 Brussels.
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Extrait :

Boris Tellegen’s new exhibition was created under the ? sign, the reverse greek symbol ? – DELTA – Boris Tellegen’s alias as a graffiti artist. The work is inspired by the practice of graffiti to reverse it. Rather than exploring the surface with a spray can, he intuitively constructs and deconstructs it by successive layers of wood or paper cut, glued and torn. In this creative process, time is random, taking a few days or several months for a piece. The time is materialized in the thickness of the artwork that daylight sculpts each hour from a different point of view. The ‘paper collage’ work is the body of this new show along with two large multilayered wood collages, a small bronze, a wood cabinet wall piece and maybe a painting.

It’s been five years since Boris Tellegen last exhibition in Brussels. In this time lapse, Boris has exhibited with Common in Tokyo, Ron Mandons in Amsterdam and Backslash in Paris as well as numerous collective shows among which ‘The Bridges of Graffiti’ (Venice Biennales, 2015), ‘New York Meets The Dam’ (Amsterdam Museum, 2015), ‘Graffuturism 5 Year Anniversary Exhibition’ (San Francisco, 2015) Mapping the city (Somerset House, London), ‘Fault Zone’ (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2014).

In addition, his interventions in the public space led to magnificent achievements.. There is the ongoing series of graffiti on freight trains, the sculptures for public areas such as the one acquired by the city of Charleroi and two collaborations with successively Heren 5 architecture office and Maurer United Architects.